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Sitting on a Bench

This is why we should all start breathing

by Remy Rippon via

Inhale and exhale.

‘You should really meditate’. It’s a phrase you’ve probably heard a handful of times from that friend who seems to exude endless zen by taking 20 minutes out of their daily routine to calm their mind, centre their body, and simply breathe. And, who loves to share just how great it is. Well, as it turns out, they’re not wrong.

Stress-busting mind-body medicine reduces need for healthcare

Great news about the benefits of mind-body medicine from the Harvard Health Blog

by Daniel Pendick via

This week, researchers at Harvard reported a potent way to keep the doctor away. And it isn’t an apple a day or a new drug — it’s a life skill called resilience. It’s the adult equivalent of crashing into a hedge during your first bike ride without training wheels, shaking the leaves and dirt from your hair, and thinking, “Okay, that wasn’t too bad. Let me try that again.”

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