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The journey to a healthier and more fulfilling life begins here. 

As a wellness physician coach, my role is to help and empower you to find what works best for you, particularly in the areas of stress management and chronic anxiety. Rather than treat you as a traditional doctor would, I instead focus on educating people on mind body techniques. I am here to listen with empathy and have open, honest discussions with you so that together, we can begin to strengthen and heal the physical, mental and emotional hurts you may have. When you become part of your healing process, you regain power over your health and your life.

My Services


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Individual Coaching Packages

A one-on-one session with Dr. Marga allows for deeper and more customized coaching. Progress at your own pace and your own way. It’s focused coaching that’s made exactly for what you need.

Group Coaching Sessions

This is a safe space where we build a caring community of people who support and learn from each other.

Here, everyone has a voice to share as much or as little as they wish.



Experience alternative forms of non-medicinal healing such as chromotherapy, light therapy, salt baths and healing crystals.

Re-balance, restore, reconnect with your inner self and feel renewed.

The Triple-R Method for Resilience


Diving into our past can provide a wealth of insights for our present. Each of us is a product of our life experiences and examining our memories with patience, gentleness and kindness can help us gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.


The process of reframing a memory or an experience can be life-changing for those willing to do the hard work. Living with past traumas is never easy but with my approach, using language mantras and contemplation, we can work together to significantly diminish the power of those traumas so you can live a free & more fulfilling life.


When we rewire, we move from reactionary behavior to more mindful and intentional actions. This can help manage intense trauma responses. Language, intentional tone and vocalization are key in facilitating relaxation and more positive outcomes in stressful situations.


Meet Dr. Marga

I’ve been a family physician for almost 10 years and as a doctor, my job was to diagnose, treat, prescribe and send you on your way. Over time I realized that real genuine care for another person had been lost somewhere between my stethoscope and my prescription pad. The last thing I want my patients to feel is that they are treated like a faceless number.


So I’m doing a 180 with a new mission – to first listen with empathy and kindness to find the person underneath the illness and together, create a road map for your own path to wellness.


In my culture, we have the idea of aruga. It means a deeper, more holistic kind of care, not just for the illness but for the person. This means merging all my years of training and experience of being a licensed doctor and a family physician with effective alternative approaches from Chinese, South Asian, and Middle Eastern cultures. 


By bringing aruga into my practice, I was able to develop my own method for holistic care, supported by established techniques of mindfulness and cognitive behavioral approaches that covers your physical, mental, and emotional self.


I’m passionate about helping people live better and healthier through my Transformation Guidance Practice as a Wellness Physician Coach. My goal is to give you as many options and information as I can so that you can feel empowered in your own wellness journey. 

Learn more about my experience here.

About Dr. Marga

Life-Changing Transformation

Being a part of your own healing and wellness is necessary to create real and lasting change. How can you take control of your life if you remain a passenger in the doctor’s office, listening instead of being listened to?


I’m here to offer guidance and provide options to find what works best for you, especially in the areas of stress management and chronic anxiety. Through my Triple-R Method for Resilience, we’ll find what areas in your life need help and support, be it physical, mental or emotional. We’ll have conversations about what treatments you want to explore so that you’ll always be able to make well-informed decisions about your health and wellness.


Your Transformation can start today.

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"I recently had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful family physician who has a unique approach incorporating holistic therapies with her practice. 


I had a really relaxing experience during a chromotherapy session at her new office. It was my first time trying this kind of treatment and I definitely recommend it. 


Dr. Marga Zarraga is a mind body wellness family doctor with a unique approach to chronic illness helping us regain ENERGY and VITALITY in our lives."

— Erin Bose, MA

“My curiosity got the better of me when I attended an introductory course of Dr. Marga. I found her to be confident, attentive, gentle and very positive in her manner of teaching. She quickly caught the areas I had to “Review, Rework and Rewire” in my life.

She explains things clearly in a medical, wholistic, and spiritual point of view, which I truly appreciate. My family, as well as my grandchildren, are benefiting from the positive changes in me. Making this effort brings great rewards!”

— Marga Tolentino, CA

"If you haven't had a chance to learn about Dr. Zarraga's incredible medical background and keen ability to share her insights for wellness and apply them to everyday life, I sincerely hope you'll be able to join her Tuesday or Wednesday group meetings as they are practical, fruitful, and enjoyable sessions.


Leading with vast knowledge of the mind-body connection and a delightful, calm approach, you can look forward to coming away relaxed and refreshed with newfound skills to recognize, as well as create, "tangible" positivity in your own life and in the lives of those you care for!"

— Allison Skunda, VA


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A full and vibrant life becomes possible when there is wellness physically, mentally and emotionally.


Let’s begin by putting you in control of your own wellness journey.

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